Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This happened around 1-1/2 years back with my cousin sister Namita who was studying in 12Th Std (commerce).

It was my cousin brothers birthday. We planned to have a grand celebration at our building terrace. So we were expecting a large crowd.. At that time I was in SYBcom.The party was kept on Sunday evening at 6:30pm.The guest started arriving by that time and some later.

At around 7.20pm my sexy cousin Namita arrived with her parents. She was looking absolutely beautiful with her stats being 34-26-32. She had worn a knee-length tight gown and was looking stunning. She came to me and said Hi and I too responded with a smile. She saw my other cousin whose name is Anita and they both went together to sit.

Now I was constantly seeing Namita and she too was looking at me. I went and sat near Namita and started talking about life, college etc. All the time during our chat I was looking at her body and appreciating her about it. The cake was cut and now it was party time with guest being offered snacks, cold drinks and hot drinks. She and I preferred to have beer. Then I was called by my aunt who gave me the house key so that I can accompany guest to freshen up, as it was not available in the terrace. Now most of my time was in the house and I hardly got to get back to the party.

I was in the house with some guest. They soon freshen up and were back to the party. I was also about to leave but then there was a knock on the door. It was Namita and Anita. During that time there was nobody in the house. I could make out the Namita was drunk. I ask her whether she was drunk but she nodded negatively. She wanted to go the toilet. Now my aunt arrived to take Anita to meet some of her relatives. My aunt told me to come up for lunch. I said I would come. I went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. I had to pass through the toilet to move to the kitchen. While passing through the toilet I found the toilet door vaguely ajar. I opened the door faintly to peep in to find my sexy cousin masturbating. . Oh what a scene that was.

My dick was instantly erected. I pushed the door and ask her So whats up. She responded, So u don't know whats going on . I told her I know whats on but there is no guarantee whether I will be silent about this. She said, I know how to shut your mouth. She came closer to me and smooched me passionately. After some 4-5 mines we broke the kiss and she replied, I guess this is enough to stitch your mouth. I responded Yes but not for very long time. She said, No problem you will get much more better than this to just be quiet. I was very excited about it.

Now we were back to the party and took our dinner. All the time we were staring at each other. Now the guest were getting thin as all were leaving to their respective homes since it was well past 11.30pm.At around 12.15am we were left with only some close relatives. Since it was late they all decided to wait behind and move in the morning. Some relatives went with other relatives in the neighbourhood. All my cousins decided to sleep together and accordingly allotted a room inside. Namita also accompanied them and now they were 8 of them. Some elders sat back in the party and started with their regular dose of hot drinks, as they didn't consume during the party. I too retired at 12.45am and came down. I straightaway went to the room where my cousin was asleep to change my clothes. Through the dim light I could see Namita sleeping at the leftmost corner facing the wall. I was removing my clothes and some heard some giggling noise. To my surprise it was Namita who was giggling. I went close to her. There was a some gap between her and the wall. Maybe it was for me. I went and slept near her.

I lifted my hands and kept it on her stomach. She was at that time wearing Anita's nightgown which was a little short to her. She never responded to my touch. But after I while she lifted her hand and kept it on my dick. It was aroused by her touch. Now I told to come with me. I took her to the outside room where there was no one. We came closer and then she kissed me again on her lips. I kept my hands on my shoulders and started sliding towards her boobs. But she removed my hands from them. She then broke her kiss and was going towards the bedroom. I couldn't understand what was happening. Then she suddenly turned behind and stripped off her clothes in a seducing manner. I ran towards her and ripped off her bra and her panty. My sexy cousin was standing naked in front of me. She too started ripping off my clothes (night suit). Now we both were naked. She told me This is the full and final instalment to shut your mouth forever. I said sure anything for this.

I again gave her a nice sweet kiss on he lips. I was kissing her navel and then sucking her boobs. She bent down and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blow job. Suddenly I cum med in her mouth and she swallowed my cum without dropping even a bit of it.

I was surprised a bit. Now I came to her pussy lips, which was flowing with her juices. I made her to sleep and directly started inserting my dick in her cunt. She started moaning loudly. It took a little lesser time for me to enter into her cunt and then I realised that she was not a virgin.

I now started penetrating slowly when she quipped Fuck me harder. Haven't you done this before? This angered me and I increased my speed. She started moaning louder and said yeahhhhhhhhh that's better.Pleaseeeeeee eee kill my pusss....... .y with your dick. After some time I was about to cum and told her about this. She told me to cum outside. I removed my dick and splash my cum on her navel and stomach and then rested aside her. But she wanted more. So I once again started fucking her and this time harder than the previous. She started moaning more loudly than before. After sometime I once again cum outside her pussy. After 30Min's of fucking her I was tired and battered. But my satisfaction was not yet over. After sometime I got up and went and brought some oil. I told her I want to fuck her ass. She refused to do. But I assured her that nothing would happen to her and I will do it slowly and there is nothing to bother. But she still was not ready for it.

I told her No problem but I now that you are no longer virgin even much before I could She was surprised as to how I came to know about it. She thought that I might blackmail her about it so she asked me whats your deal? I told her your ass. She had no option left. But I assured her that I would do it slowly.. Finally she agreed.

Next I applied some oil over my dick and applied some on her ass. I made her to sit doggy style. I came behind her and then started penetrating slowly into her ass.

It was quiet excruciating but then she started enjoying it very much. Slowly I increased my speed and she her moaning. After some time we heard a knock at the main door. So we instantly stop, changed our self to our clothes and she went to the room where was suppose to sleep and I went to other room. My uncle came to my room and I pretending to be fast asleep. Next day we all left for our respective places. But this was not the end. Many times I had been to her house and had sex. It was then that I came to know that although she had boyfriend it was her own brother who broke her virginity.

Chacha Aur chachi

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mera naam soniya sehgal hai aur ye meri kahani hai. Pehle mein aap Sabko apne bare mien batati hun. Mein 18 saal ki hun aur apne chacha Chachi ke sath is chote se gaon mein rehti hun. Mere mata pita ek Car accident mein mare gaye jab mein 12 sall kit hi. Hamare parivar Mere chacha chachi ke alawa aur koi kareeb ka rishtedar nahi tha.

Shuru mein mujhe gaon ke mahol mein adjust hone mein takleef hui par Samay ke sath meine samjhauta kar liya. Mein bachpan mein seher mein Ek ache flat mein pali badhi thi, kintu achanak gaon ke mahol mein Aana ek mansik taklif ka daur tha.

Yahan gaon mien na to tv tha, na hi koi mobile phone aur na hi gali Ke nukkad par coffee house jahan mein doston ke sath samay bitaya Karti thi. Mera jyada tar samay chachaji ke sath kheton pe guzarta Tha aur janwaron ko chara dene mein. Jab chachi malaria ki wajah se Jyada bimar padi to kheton ki sari jimmedari mujh par aa padi.

Ghar mein aur koi aurat na hone ki wajah se khana mujhe hi banana Padta tha.

Mein aksar chachaji ki chachi ko khana khilane mein aur Unke aur dusre kamon mein madad kiya karti thi. Aur in sab kamon Mein itni der ho jati thi ki mein aksar raat ke 1.00 ke bad hi sone Jaa pati. Din bhar ke kaam mein sharir itna maila ho jata tha ki Mein roz nahane ke baad hi sone jati thi.

Ek raat kareeb 1.00 ke baad mein naha kar bahar nikli to dekha ki Chachaji apne kamre se bahar aa rahe the,

"sab thik hai na chahcaji?'" meine unse pucha.

"waise to sab thik hai par pata nahi kyon aaj neend nahi aa rahi Hai." chachaji ne khud ke liye ek glass pani bharte hue kaha.

"kya mein kuch aapke liye kar sakti hoon?" apne gile balon ko Punchte hue meine pucha.

Us samay chachaji ne mujhe aisi nigahon se dekha jo mein pehle kabhi Kisi mard mein nahi dekhi thi.

"tumhe pata hai ki tumhari chachi ke sath shaadi hue 25 saal ho gaye Hai. Hamari koi aulad bhi nahi hai. Aur jab do log itne saal sath Sath rehte hain to aapas mein ek kami si aani shuru ho jati hai."

Meine apna ghutno tak wala gown pehan rakha tha. Mere baal gile the Aur mein apni tango ko ek dusre pe chadha chachaji ke samne baithi Unki baat sun rahi thi.

"khair, soniya aab tum koi ek nadan bacchi nahi ho. Aur jo mien Tumse kehne jaa raha hun mujhe lagta hai ki mien tumse kisi bhi Hichak ke keh sakta hun." chachaji ne kaha.

"chachaji aap jante hai ki aap mujhse kuch bhi keh sakte hai." meine Jawab diya.

Chachaji uthe aur mere paas aakar baith gaye. "har insaan ki uski Jaruraten hoti hai…… aur mujh jaise insaan ki……………. Tum samajh rahi Ho na mein kya kehna chahta hun?" unhone pucha.

Pehle to mein kuch samjhi nahi phir sochne ke baad jab mujhe samajh Aaya to mere badan mein ek sirhan si daud gayi, "haan chachaji kuch Kuch mein samajhti hun" meine jawab diya.

Chachji muskuraye aur uth kar kamre ke parde khinch diye, "mein Janta hun tum ek samajhdar ladki ho, meri baton ko jarur samajh Jaogi."

Achanak meine mehsus kiya ki kamre mein kafi andhera ho gaya tha, Sirf halki si roshni kamre ke roshandan se andar aa rahi thi.

"soniya apna gown mere liye uttar do please," chachaji ne uttejit Awaz mein kaha.

Pehle to meri samajh mein nahi aaya ki mein kya karun aur kya kahun? Chachaji ki baat sunkar mein chonk gayi thi, phir meine apne kampte Hathon se apna gown ke button khol diye jisse meri chuchiyan nangi Ho meri sanso ke sath uth baith rahi thi.

"oh soniya tum wakai mein bahot sunder ho, aur tumhari chuchiyan to Sahi mein bhari bhari hai." chachaji meri chuchiyon ko ghurte hue Bole.

Pata nahi meine kis unmad mein apna gown kandhon par se sarka apne Piche kursi par gir jane diya. Jaise hi gown meri pith ko sehlata Hua piche ko gira mere sharir mein ek sirhan si daud gayi.

"khadi hokar mere paas aao? Mein tumhare badan ko chuna chahta hun." Chachaji ne kaha.

Mein bina hichkichate hue char kadam badh chachaji ke samne khadi ho Gayi. Kamre mein aati hui halki roshni ki parchain mein meine dekha Ki unka hath aage badh raha tha. Meine unke hathon ki garmi ko apni Chuchiyon par mehsus kiya, unki ungliyan mere khade nipple se khel Rahi thi.

"oh soniya tum kitni sunder aur sexy ho, aaj kai salon ke baad mera Lund is tarah tan raha hai." unhone meri chuchiyon ko masalte hue Kaha.

Pata nahi chachaji ke hathon mien kya jadoo tha ki mere sharir mein Ek unmad ki lehar beh gayi. Meri choot puri gili ho chuki thi. Mein Chup chap nazre jhukai chachaji ke samne khadi thi is soch mein ki Chachaji aage kya karte hai. Usi samay meine unke badan ki garmi ko Apne nazdik mehsus kiya. Unki ek ungli meri choot mein ghus chuki Thi.

"ohhhhh chachaaaji ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh aaj tak mujhe yahan kisi ne nahi chua Hai." mein jor se siski.

Chachaji ne apne dusre hath se meri kamar ko pakad mujhko apne Najdik khinch liya. Unke sanso ki garmi mere chehre ko chu rahi thi. Unhone apne hoth meri chuchiyon par rakh unhe chumne lage. Ek hath Se wo meri choot mein ungli kar rahe the, aur dusre hath se meri Kamar ko pakde hue the.

Chachaji ab mere nipple ko apne hothon ke bich le kat rahe the aur Jab apne danto se use katte to ek ajib si lehar mere sharir mein Chaa jati. Meine apne hath badha apni ungliyan unke kale balon mein Phansa di. Jaise jaise unki jeeb mere nipple par harkat karti mien Waise hi unke sir ko apni chati pe daba deti.

Ab unhone apni do ungli merei choot mein dal di thi. Unki ungliyan Bhi unki hatheli ki tarah garam thi aur khub lambi thi.

Jis teji se unki ungli meri choot ke andar bahar ho rahi thi usi Teji se meri siskariyan badh rahi thi. Achanak wo ruk gaye aur apni Ungli meri choot se bahar nikal li aur apna chehra bhi meri Chaatiyon pe sa hata liya.

"mein apna lund tumhari choot mein dalna chahta hun." wo mere kan Mein phusphusate hue bole. "please ek bar ane chacha ko ek bar Chodne do, ye sirf tumhare aur mere bich rahega."

Mein kaise unhe mana kar sakti thi. Kitne ehsan the unke mujhpar. Mata pita ke marne ke baad unhone hi to mujhe sahara diya tha aur Apne sath yahan le aaye the. Aur mein janti thi ki chachi ko chode Unhe kitna samay ho gaya tha, unhe iski shayad jarurat bhi thi. Yahi Sab sochkar meine unhe haan kar di.

"to phir tum ghodi ba jao," mere kano mien phusphusate hue Bole, "mein kabse tumhari chachi ko is aasan se chodna chahta tha Par wo kabhi haan hi nahi karti thi."

Meine ek shabd nahi kaha aur kursi ko kona pakad ghodi ban gayi.

Chachaji bina wakt barbad karte hue mere piche aa gaye. Apni pant Aur shorts ko uttar use mere gown ke bagal mein uchal diya.

"hey bhagwan mein jo karne jaa raha hun uske liye mujhe maaf kar Dena." kehkar unhone apna khada lund meri choot mein ghusa diya.

Jaise hi unke lund mere kunware pan ko chirta hua andar ghusa mein Dard se chikh padi, "ohhhhhhhhhh chchuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiii laggggggggg gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chachuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiii nikaaaaaal lijiye please bahot dard Ho raha hai ohhh mein mar gayi ."

"bas thoda sehan karo phir tumhe maza aane lagega," kehkar chachaji Meri chuchiyon ko bhinchne lage aur apne lund ko andar bahar karne Lage.

Dard ab kam hone laga tha aur mujhe bhi maza aane laga tha tab mujhe Ahsas hua ki chachaji ka lund kitna lamba aur mota tha. Unka lund Meri bacche dani par thokar mar raha tha. Ab mere munh se siskariya Phut rahi thi.

"haaaaaaan chachaji karte jaiye maza aa raha hai. Haaaaaaan jooor se Aur jor seeeeeee haan aise hi," mein bhi apne chuttad age piche kar Unka sath dene lagi.

"haaaaaaan le mere lund ko apni choot mein aur jor se le." chachaji Bole, "soniya tumhari maa ki choot bhi itni kasi hui nahi thi jab wo 18 saal kit hi."

Unki baat sun mein jad si ho kar rah gayi. Mujhe vishwas nahi ho Raha tha ki chachaji meri maa jab 18 saal ki thi to use chod chuke The jaise wo ab mujhe chod rahe the.

"mujhe yaad hai tumhari maa ki choot kasi hui nahi thi isliye mein Aksar uski gaand mar deta tha. Tum manogi nahi wo itni chudakkad Aurat thi ki kisi se bhi chudwa leti." chachaji apni dhakkon ki Raftar badhate hue bole.

Unke har dhakko ke sath unke hathon ki pakkad mere chuttad par aur Majboot ho jate. Meine unke lund ko apni choot mein phoolta hua Mehsus kiya.

"oh chachaji aapka lund meri choot mein kitna lamba aur mota lag Raha hai." mein sisakte hue boli.

"mmmmmmmmm isi tarah apne chacha se gandi gandi baten karo," wo Gidgidate hue bole aur meri choot ki jam kar chudai karne lage.

Mein apni aankhen band kar gande se gande shabdo ke bare mein sochne Lagi. Pata nahi kasie mere munh se itni gandi baten nikal rahi thi Jaise, "haan chodiye mujhe, apna pura lund meri gaand mein dal Dijiye, chod chod ke mujhe apne bacche ki maa bana dijiye………" Vaigarah vaigarah.

"ohhhhhh haaaaaaaaa mera chutne wala hai meri bacchi, aaj tumhara Chacha tumhari choot ko apne lund ke pani se bhar dega." wo jor se Siske.

Unke dhakke itne tej ho gaye the ke apni tango pe khadi nahi ho paa Rahi thi. Meri kamar aur tango mein dard hone lag raha tha par mein Unhe rokna nahi chahti thi. Jitna is chudai mein maza aa raha tha Aaj tak jindagi mein mujhe kabhi nahi aaya tha.

"ohhhoooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaa ye lo" itna kehkar unke lund ne ek pichkari Se meri choot mein chod di. Mujhe laga ki meri choot bhar si gayi Hai. Mera sharir jor se kanpa aur mere munh se siskari nikal Padi, "ohhhhhhhh bhgawan ohhhhhhh chachaji," meine apne aapko aur Piche ki aur dhakel unke lund ko apni choot mien joron se bhinch Liya.

Mein pasine se lath path ho chuki thi aur mera sir chakar raha tha. Hum dono ki sanse ukhdi hui thi aur dil ki dhadkan itni tej thi ki Saf sunai de rahi thi.

"soniya tum kitni acchi ladki ho. Tum nahi janti ki mujhe iski kitni Jarurat thi." wo apni ukhdi sanso pe kabu pate bole.

"mein aaj se aapki hun puri tarah se." meine dhire se kaha.

"ye tum kya keh rahi ho?" unhone pucha.

"haan mein sach bol rahi hun. Mein aapki daasi banke rehna chahti Hun, aap jab chahe mujhe ek gulam ki tarah chod sakte hain." meine Sisakte hue kaha.

Chachaji ko meri baat bahot acchi lagi shayad meri umra ki wajah se. Meri kasi choot shayad unke lund ko khada kar deti thi.

Us raat hum logo ne do baar aur chudai ki. Ek baar room mein aur Dusri baar unke kamre mein jameen par. Chachi humse chand kadmon ke Fasle pe bistar pe so rahi thi. Pata nahi humne aisa kyon kiya par Mein pehli baar wahin unke kamre mein jhadi aur tab mujhe pata chala Ki aurat ki choot jab pani chodti hai to kitna maza aata hai.

Jab mein chachi ka khayal rakhti to mujhe is bat ka jara bhi afsos Nahi hota tha ki mein chacha se chudwaya hai aur na hi sharmindgi Mehsus hoti thi. Balki mein to sochti thi ki agar chachi achi hoti Shayad unhe hamari chudai dekhne mein maza aata aur kya pata wo bhi Sath shamil ho chudwati.

Dusri subah mein roj ki tarah jaldi uthi aur kam mein jut gayi.

Ghar Ki safai karne ke baad mein aangan ki safai kar rahi thi. Rat ke Halat ab bhi mere jehan mein the. Ab bhi mujhe aisa lagta ki Chachaji ke hath mere sharir par hai. Unka lund meri choot mien Ghusa hua hai jaise wo kabhi mujhse dur gaye hi nahi. Mein madakta Ke ek nai daire mein pahunch chuki thi.

"aaj tumhara dhyan kahan hai soniya?" meri chachi ki aawaz aayi.

"kkkkkkyaaaaaaaaaa" meine hadbada ke dekha, "oh chachi aap is wakt Yahan pe hongi mujhe pata nahi tha. Aap kaisa mehsus kar rahi hai is Wakt." meine pucha.

"pehle se behtar hai." chachi ne jawab diya. "bas khuli hawa mein Sans lene chali aayi, tum to janti hi ho ki teen mahine ho gaye us Kamre mein band pade hue."

"aao mein aapko aapke kamre tak chod deti hun," meine chachi ko Sahara dete hue kaha. Meine unhe sahara de unke kamre mein Pahunchaya aur unhe bistar pe bitha diya.

"idhar mere paas aako baitho mein tumse kuch baat karna chahti hun." Chachi ne mujhe baithne ka ishara karte hue kaha.

Mein unke bagal mein jaakar baith gayi. Mein ab bhi duvidha mein thi Ki pata nahi wo mujhse kya baat karna chahti hai.

"soniya tum bahot hi khubsurat ladki ho." wo mere balon ko sehlate Hue boli. "aur khubsurti aksar logo ko aakarshit karti hai, par ye Dhyan rakhna ki kisi galat vyaktitva ko aakarshit na kar baitho."

"aap kya keh rahi hai meri kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hai."

Chachi ab bistar par let chuki thi aur unki ankhe chehre pe kathorta Chati jaa rahi thi. Aachanak unhone mere balon ko jor se pakad liya. Meine apne aapko lakh chudane ki koshish ki par kamyab na ho saki.

"chachi chodo mujhe, mujhe dard ho raha hai," meine apne balon ko Unke hathon se chudane ki koshish karte hue kaha.

"mujhe pata hai tum kal raat yahan par thi," mere balon ko aur Majbuti se pakadte hue chachi ne kaha. "soniya mujhe pata hai tum Aur tumhare chacha kya kar rahe the."

"chachi ye aap kya keh rahi hai."

"mere samne bacchi banne ki koshish mat karo, mein bimar hun koi Bewkoof nahi." wo gussa karte hue boli.

Itne mein chachaji ne kamre mein kadam rakha jaise unhe pata ho ki Mujhe unki jarurat hai.

"soniya tum ghar ka kam chod yahan kya kar rahi ho?" unhone pucha.

"kuch nahi chachaji bas jara chachi se baat kar rahi thi." meine Jawab diya.

Chachi achanak bistar par tan kar baith gayi. Pehle to unhone gusse Mien meri aur dekha phir chacha ki aur.

"kya tum dono ko apne badan ki mehak is kamre mein mehsus nahi Hoti," wo gusse mien boli. "mujhe pata hai tum dono ne kal raat Yahan par kya kiya. Mujhe aawajen aa rahi thi, siskariyan sunai de Rahi thi aur tumne kis tarah apna beej apne hi bedroom mein iski Choot mien boya ye bhi pata hai."

"darling mein nahin janta tum kya keh rahi ho. Soniya hamari bhatiji Hai mein iske sath koi galat kam nahi karunga." chachaji ne jawab Diya.

Chachi ne ghur kar meri taraf dekha. Mujhe ascharya ho raha tha ki Chachi wo sab kuch kaise sun sakti thi. Unki dawaiyan aksar unhe Behoshi ke aalam mein pahuncha deti thi. Mein nervous ho bahot Baichaine mehsus kar rahi thi ki pata nahi wo ab kya kahengi.

"soniya tum ek dum ekdum apni maa ki tarah randi ho." wo gurrate hue Boli.

Itna sun chachaji ka chehre safed pad gaya. Wo ye hi samajhte the ki Meri maa aur unke sambandh ke bare mien koi nahi janta hai.

"haan dev ye sahi hai. Mujhe sab pata hai, mujhe uski dairy hath lag Gayi thi. Meine har wo bat padhi hai jo usne likhi thi, har wo gandi Baat. Wo bhagwan se darti thi, aur use pata tha ki usne gunah kiya Hai isilye wo bhagwan se apne gunah ki mafi manga karti thi. Par use Apne devar se chudane mein maza aata tha." chachi ekdum gusse mein Boli.

Chachaji ekdum chupchap baithe the jaise unke munh mein jaban hi na Ho. Sath hi unke chehre pe gussa bhi tha ki chaachi ne ye baat itne Saal tak unse chupa ke rakhi.

"tum ek kutiya ho mala, aur aaj tak meine tumhe apni jindagi se nahi Nikala kyon ki tumhara khayal rakhna mein apna farz samajhta tha." Chachaji bhi gusse mein bole, "haan meine apni bhabhi ko choda, aur Jab mauka mila tab choda lekin sirf isliye ki tumne mujhse apna munh Pher liya tha. Tum sex nahi karna chahti thi aur tumne band kar Diya. Ek bar bhi mujhse ye nahi pucha ki mien sex ke bina kaise reh Pata hun."

"har chiz ka ilzam mujh par mat do, tum jante ho mein ek bimar aurat Hun." chachi subakte hue boli. "haan ek tarika hai jisse tum dono Apna sambandh jari rakh sakte ho."

Mein aur chachaji dono utsuk the ke aisa kya tarika hai jo hame Hamri hi kabra se bahar nikal sakta tha jo hamne khud khodi thi.

"kyat um dono ek dusre ko pasand karte ho?" chachi ne pucha.

Hum dono is sawal ke liye tayyar nahi the isi liye samajh mein nahin Aaya ki kya jawab de. Meine chachaji ki aur dekha to paya ki unka Lund tan kar khada ho gaya tha aur meri bhi choot mien khujli mach Rahi thi ki kab mein unka lund apni choot mein lu.

"haan" hum dono ne sath mein jawab diya.

"to phi rise phir se chodo, yahin meri ankoh ke samne chodo." chachi Ne kaha, "agar tum dono chudai karna chahte ho to wahi karoge jisse Mein tum dono ko dekh saku."

"magar ye kaise ho sakta hai" meine kaha.

"mein kuch nahi sunna chahti, ek dusre ko chuna nahi, aur tum bistar Ka kinara pakad ghodi ban jao aur chehra meri taraf rakho jisse mein Tumhari chudai ko dekhti rahu."

Mera sir ghoom raha tha. Mein is chiz ke liye bilkul bhi tayyar nahi Thi. Abhi thodi der pehle mein apni chachi ko bistar pe lita rahi Thi ki wo so sake aur ab wo mujhe dekhna chahti thi ki mein apne hi Chacha se kaise chudwati hun.

"jaldi karo" wo chillayi.

Chachaji aur mein khade ho kar mala ke bed ke pas aa gaye. Hum dono Ke chehre pe ashcharya ke mile jule bhav the par andar se hum dono Ke sharir mien aag lagi hui thi.

Mein bistar ka kona pakad ghodi ban gayi. Meine apne hathon se apni Panty uttar di thi aur mere chuttad upar ki aur uth gaye the. Phir Kal raat ki tarah mein chacha ke hathon ki garmi apne chuttad par Mehsus ki.

"ab jaldi se batao ki tum don one kal raat kya aur kaise kiya?" Chachi boli.

Meri ankhen band thi jab chacha ne apna lund meri choot mein Ghusaya. Par kal raat jis tarah dhire se ghusaya tha uski jagah aaj Itne jor ka dhakka mara ki ek hi dhakke mein unka lund meri choot Mein jad tak sama gaya. Mujhe itna accha laga ki mere munh se Siskari nikal gayi.

Aaj unka lund meri choot ki un gehraiyon tak jaa raha tha jo kar Raat ko na jaa saka tha. Par aaj unki chudai mein ek maksad tha, wo Chaachi ko batana chahte the ki aaj bhi unke lund mien utni hi Taakat hai.

"mala tumhe maza aa raha hai na?" chachaji ne apni ukhadti sanso Mein pucha. "apni bhatiji ki chudai tumhe acchi lag rahi hai na?"

Chachi ne koi jawab nahi diya. Yahan tak ki koi aawaz bhi nahi hui. Meine apni aankh kholi to dekh ki chachi ne apne upar padi kambal ko Hata diya tha, aur unki tange faili hui thi. Unke chehre par ab Gusse ki jagah uttejna ki jhalak dikhayi pad rahi thi.

Chachaji ab mujhe aur jor se chod rahe the. Unhone ne mujhe thoda se Aage ki taraf dhakelte hue kaha, "soniya apne chehre ko bistar ke Sath laga do."

Unhone jaisa kaha meine kiya. Meine apne sharir ko thoda sa bistar Par tika apne chehre ko pura jhuka diya. Mere chuttad hawa mein uth Gaye the aur chachaji ne achanak mere chuttad par ek thappad rasid Kar diya. Wo dhakke lagate ja rahe the sath hi mere chuttad par Thappad mar rahe the. Unke munh se gurrane ki aawaz aa rahi thi Jaise ek janwar ke munh se aati hai.

Meine bed ko hilte hue mehsus kiya. Nazar utha dekha to paya ki Chachi meri aur khisak rahi thi. Unki tange abhi bhi faili hui thi. Mein soch me pad gayi pata nahi ab kya hone wala hai.

"haan mala aage badho" chachaji bole, "aaj tum sabit kar rahi ho ki Tum meri biwi ho."

Achanak chachi ne pehle se bhi jyada jor se mere balon ko pakad mere Chehre ko uthaya. Mere chehra unki choot se chand hi duri ke fasle Par tha. Mein samajh gayi ki wo kya chahti hai.

"mala jaise iski maa tumhari choot choosa karti thi waise hi isse Apni choot chuswao?' chachaji bole.

Tab mujhe ehsas hua ki ye in dono ki mili bhagat hai. Ab mujhe pata Chala ki jab chachi mujhpar ilzam laga rahi thi to achanak chachaji Kaise aa gaye. Ye dono ne milkar plan banaya tha.

"choose meri choot ko randi ki aulad," chachi ne mere munh ko apni Choot par dabate hue kaha.

Isse pehle ki mein na ya kuch aur kehti mera munh uski chut pe jam Chukka tha. Uski pakad mere balon pe itni majboot thi ki mere paas Uski choot chatne ke alava koi chara bhi nahi tha.

Chachaji mujhe itne kas ke chod rahe the ki unke thapo ki aawaz pure Kamre mien gunj rahi thi. "haan chaat apni chaachi ki choot ko tab Tak tere chacha teri choot ka bhosda bana denge."

Chachi apne chuttad utha mere munh pe mar rahi thi. Mein hairan thi Ki 45-50 saal ki umar mein in logo ne ye sab kab sikha. Inki harkat Thik blue film ke adakaron ki tarah thi.

"oh soniya tum thik apni maa ki tarah meri choot ko choos rahi hai. Yaad hai dev iski maa isi tarah meri choot ko chata aur choosa karti Thi." kehkar chachi ne aur jor se mere sir ko apni choot pe daba Diya.

"haan darling mujhe acchi tarah yaad hai." chacha ne jor ke dhakke Marte hue kaha.

Mein ab jor se chachi ki choot ko choos rahi thi. Mein apni jeebh ko Nukuli kar chachi ki choot me andar tak dal deti aur phir andar Bahar karne lagti. Kabhi uski choot ki pankhudiyon ko apne danto Mein bhinch halke se ka leti. Meri har harkat se uske munh se Siskari nikal padti.

Achanak chachaji ne apna lund meri choot se bahar nikal liya. Wo Meri gaand sehlate hue bole, "soniya ab mein tumhari gaand marna Chahta hun."

Meine na kehna chaha par chachi ki mere balon ki pakad itni majbut Thi ki mein kuch na kar saki. Mere paun kamp rahe the isi khayal se Ki meri gaand ka kya hoga. Mujhme himmat nahi thi ki mien dono ko Rok pati. Chacga ne apna lund meri gaand pe thodi der ghisa aur phir Ek hi dhakke mieh pura pel diya.

Dard ke mare mere munh se chikh nikal padi, "ohhhhhhhhh mar gayi." Chacha ke dhakkon ki raftar badhti gayi aur chachi apni choot ko Mere munh pe aur ragad rahi thi.

"mala chod do apna pani iske munh me." kehkar chacha aur jor se Dhakke lagane lage.

Thodi he der mein chachi ne apna pani mere munh pe chod diya. Meri Apni chachi apna pani mere munh pe chod chuki thi aur mere chacha ka Dabav mere chuttad par badhta jar aha tha. Mein samajh gayi ki unka Bhi chutane wala hai. Do tin dhakko mein chacha ne apna virya meri Gaand mein undel diya.

Mein thodi der baad uthi aur kamre ke bahar chali gayi. Mein kitchen Mein kam kar rahi thi ki chachaji aaye aur mujhe piche se bahon mien Bhar liya. "soniya mujhe maaf kar do. Hum dono ne milkar tumhe is Jaal mein fansaya. Tumhari chachi acchi aurat hai lekin shayad mein Unki jarurat ko pura nahi kar sakta."

"aapka matlab hai ki unhe sex ki iccha to hai lekin bina lund ke?' Meine pucha.

"haan kuch aisa hi, kya tum samhal sakti ho?"

"sahi bolun to mujhe bhi choot choosne mein maza aa raha tha."

"tab to thik hai aage aur bhi mauke aayenge." kehkar chacha ne mujhe Bahon mein bhar liya.

Aur phir yahi hota raha. Hum tino hafte mein teen bar bedroom mein Milte aur ek dusre ki kaam agni ko shant karte. Kahavat hai ki jo Hota hai wo upar wale ki marzi se hota hai. Na hi mere mata pita ki Death car accident mein hoti aur na hi mein yahan apne chacha chachi Ke paas aati. Mein yahan aayi apne chacha ko, apni chachi ko sukh Dene. Kisi ko apni choot se aur kisi ko apni juban se

Pooja Punjabi

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ab asli baat par aata hoon. Jaha humlog rahte the woha se thodi hi doori par meri girl friend pooja ka ghar tha, uske mummy ko main aunty kaha kar bulata tha, actually me wo log Punjabi thi, or aap log to jaante hi hai ki Punjabi ladies kitne hot & sexy lagte hai, pooja se jayada acchi uske mymmy lagte thi, unka naam sunita tha, aunty ke age abt near 40 ke aas paas thi lekin dekhne me bilkul bhi nahi lagte thi, gori lambi or bahut khoobsurat thi, humlogo ko ye pata tha ki unke pati unhe satisfy nahi kar paate hai isliye unke koi logo ke saath sambandh raha tha,

Aaj se 6 saal pehle ke baat hai, November ka maheena tha, diwali se kuch dino pehle ki baat hai ek din maine or mere ek dost ni drink karne ka programme din me hi banaya. Pehle humlogo ne drink ki uske baad humlogo ne blue film dekhne ka programme banaya, or thodi der baad hum log blue film dekhne lage, film dekhne ke baad humlog bahut excited ho gaye the, tab pata nahi achnaak mere dimaag me kaha se aaya ki kyon na sunita aunty ko bulya jaye or unke saath chudai ki jaye, maine wohi se unhe phone kiya or kaha ki aunty main sunny bol raha hoon or aap se kuch baat karma chhata hoon, to unhone kaha bolo – maine kaha aunty ye baat phone par nahi ho sakte aap yaha mere dost ke ghar par aa jaaye, to unhone kaha abhi thodi der me aate hoon.

Uske baad humlog film dekhne lag gaye, or ghar ka darwaza khula chod diya or mera dost dusre room me thodi der ke liye chala gaya, use samay darwaze par bell baje maine kaha aunty darwaza khula hai aap ander aa jayee, wo ander aa gayee ander me baitha blue film dekh raha tha, wo aate hi bole ye sab kya dekh rahe ho, pehle ese band karo uske baad baat karenge.

Unke kahne par maine cd band kar diya or wo mere paas aakar baith gaye or bole – kya baat karne hai bolo, itne der me mera dost bhi woha aa gaya, maine kaha sunita aunty aap bahut khoobsurat lagte ho or main aap ke saath chudai karma chhata hoon, mere baate sunkar wo chok gaye or bole mere liye tum abhi bahut chhote ho, vastava me wo mere dost ka samne koi baat nahi karma chha rahe thi. Jab unhone kaha ki mere liye tum abhi chhote ho to ye sunkar maine kaha sunita aunty maine to aapke liye sayad chhota hoo lekin mera lund aapke liye chhota nahi hai, ye sunkar wow aha se chale gaye. Maine rokne ki koshish bhi nahi ki.

Jab wo chale gaye to hum logo ka mood kharab ho gaya. Or uske baad humlog phir se drink karne lage, thodi der baad mera dost bathroom chala gaya, usesamay sunita aunty ne mere paas phone kiya or kaha – tum abhi kaha ho, mujhe tumse kuch baat karne hai kya tum abhi mere ghar aa sakte ho, lekin kisko bata kar mat aana. Maine kaha thik hai main thodi der me aapke paas aata hoon. Thodi der baad mera dost bhi bathroom se aa gaya. Humlog ka drink bhi khatam ho chukka tha or usko nasha bhi chad chukka tha tabhi maine kaha ki yaar esme mazaa nahi aaya main abhi ek bottle or lekar aata hoon to usne kaha nahi yaar bahut ho gaye hai, lekin mujhe to sunita aunty ke ghar jaana tha, isliye maine uske mana karne ke baad bhi kaha nahi yaar mujhe mazaa nahi aaya main ek bottle or lene jaa raha hoon. Or main woha se chala gaya or usne ghar ka darwaza band kar liye, us samay kareeb 3 baje rahe the, main sunita aunty ke ghar gaya wo ghar par akele thi, unke bete (yaani meri girl friend) us time school gaye thi or wo 4.30 baje school se aate thi, maine unse poocha ghar me koi hai nahi kya to bole nahi isliye to tumhe bulaya hai, ye sunkar main thoda hairan ho gaya, tab unhone kaha agar tum mujhe chodna hi chhate the to ye baat tumhe akele me kanhe chhaiye thi tumne to apne dost ka samne hi kah diya, ye kahte hue unhone mere gaal par haath rakh kar sahlane lage, mujhe bada ajeeb lag raha tha, main thoda nashe me bhi tha isliye kuch alag hi lag raha tha, uske baad unhone kaha main tumhe acchi lagte hoon kya, to maine kaha ha aunty aap bahut khoobsurat or sexy ho, tab unhone kaha lekin tum to mere bete ko pasand karte ho tab maine kaha aunty aapko kaise pata, tab unhone kaha beta mujhe sab kuch pata hai.
Uske baad mujhse poocha ki cold drink peooge. Maine kaha ha pyaas to lag rahe hai. Sunita aunty ander chale gaye or lagbagh 10 minute baad bahar aaye main unko dekh kar hairan rah gaya, mera sara nasha jaise gayab ho gaya ho, wo ek white colour ki patli se dress pehne hue thi or ander kuch bhi nahi pehan rakha tha, jisse unke chuchi or chut saaf saaf dikh rahe the, maine unko bahut dhyan se dekhne laga to wo bole kya dekh rahe ho kabhi kisi ko es terah nahi dekha hai kya??

Maine kaha nahi sunita aunty, aap bahut acchi lag rahe ho dil kar raha hai ki main aapko apne bahoome lekar khub chudai karoo. To unhone kaha karo na kisne roka hai. Tab maine kaha lekin aapne to mana kar diya tha, to bole ke kya tumhare dost ke saamne chudwati tumse. Or ye kahte hue wo mere paas aa gaye or mere gale me apne bahe daal de, maine unke chere ko haah me lekar unke hotho ko kiss karne laga, pehle to dheere dheere kiss kar raha tha lekin jab maine dekha ki sunita aunty bhi kiss karne me mera saath de rahe hai to main or jor se unke hoto par kiss karne laga.

Uske baad unhone kaha ki apna lund dikhao jara main bhi to dekho ki mere bete ki pasand kaise hai, tab maine unse kaha ki maine pooja ke saath aaj tak kuch nahi kiya, to bole kyon nahi kiya. Ye kahte hue unhone mera lund ko mere jeans se bahar nikar kar apne haath me le liya or bole ha ye to vastava bada hai. Or wo mere land ko dheere dheere apne haatho se sahalane lage.

Phir maine dheere se apna haath unke boobs par le gaya or use dabane laga to wo bole jara jor se dabao maine bahut dino se chudai nahi karwi hai or main unke chuchi ko jor se badane laga. Or wo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhki awaaz nikalne lage, ye dekhkar mujhe accha lag raha tha. Phir maine unke white dress ko utar diya or unko boobs ke nipple ko apne hoto ke beech me rakh kar unhe chusne laga, wo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh hhhhkarne lage, ek haath se main unke dusre chuchi ko daba raha tha or dusra haath unke jaangho par tha, maine unke jhaango ko shala raha tha, uske baad unhone mere kapade utarna start kar diya or dheere dheere mere sare kapade utar diye or mere lund ko apne haatho me lekar sahalane lage mera lund ekdum tiet ho chukka tha, aunty bole ki bahut dino ke baad aaj chudai ka mazaa aayega. Mane kaha ha aunty, lekin aaj tak maine kabhi kisi ke saath chudain nahi ki hai, to wo bole chinta mat karo main sikha doonga, maine kaha tikh hai, or ye kahte hue unhone mera lund apne muh me le liye or apne muh ke ander bahar karne lagi, mujhe bada maja aa raha tha, maine aunty ke sar ko pakakar apne lund par jor se dabane laga ye dekhkar aunty bole tum jooth bol rahe ho ki tumne kis ke saath nahi kiya to maine kaha nahi aunty main sach kah raha hoon. Ye sab to maine blue filmo me dkha tha. To wo bole or kya dekha tha batao, maine kaha ki mai bataoonga nahi karke dikhoonga, wo bole thik hai. Or wo or jor se mere lund ko ander bahar karne lage, kareeb 10 minute tak wo continue mere lund ko apne muh me liye rahe hai chuke mera pehle baar tha isliye maine unke muh main hi halka ho gaya, to aunty bole koi baat nahi pehle baar me aise hota hai, or unhone apne jeebah se mere lund ko saaf chatne lagi or mera lund dheere dheere phir se khada hone laga, unsab me time ka pata hi nahi chala or dekhte dekhte pooja ke aane ka time ho gaya, lekin wo abhi taka aye nahi thi or hum dono apne aap me mast the duniye ki koi chinta nahi thi.

Ab main sunita aunty ke chut ko sahala raha tha or dusre haath se unko chuchi ko daba raha tha, uske baad aunty ne kaha mere mere chut ko chuso. Or main unko chut ko jor jor se chusne laga, unki chut gilli ho chuke thi or usme se kuch paani jaise nikal raha tha maine use chusne laga or wo jor jor se aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh h kar rahe thi or kar rahe thi ab mujhe chodo ab mujhse nahi raha jaa raha hai maine bhi bina time waste kiya apna lund unke chut par rakha or ek halka sa jathaka diya to mera aadha se jayada lund unke chut me bahut aassaane se chala gaya, phir me ek jor ka jathka mara to mera pura lund unko chut me ghus gaya or wo halki awwaz me chilaane lage aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaa aaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or karo bahut mazaa aa raha hai mere raja mujhe aise hi chodte raho uuuuuuuu uuuuuuuu hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiii lag raha haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oooooooooooooooooo dard hooooooooooooo raha  hai iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii   hhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or main jor jor se jathke lene laga,

kareeb 7 minute tak main continue jathke leta raha uske baad unhone kaha ki ab main tumhare upper aate hoon maine kaha thik hai or main let gaya or wo mere upper aa gaye or ek haath se mere lund ko pakar kar apne chut se angel milaya or mere lund par apne chut ka dabate chale gaye mera pura lund unke chut me ghus chukka tha ab wo jor jor see jathke marne lagi or main gaad ko pakar kar aage pichhe kar raha tha phir maine apna haath unki chuchi par rakha or use dabane laga wo or jor jor se awwaz nikalne lagi uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuu hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaa or bolne lage aaj bahut dino baad aise lund mila hai hum log apne aap main es terah khoye hue thi ki kab pooja aagaye pata hi nahi chala, jab pooja aaye thi to sunita aunty mere upper thi or jor jor se jathke marte hue kah rahe thi aaj bahut maja aa raha hai tum mujhse roj aakar choda karo.

Pooja ye sab aapne aakho se dekh rahe thi or pooja chup chaap ander chale gaye. Karreb 15 minute ke baad sunita aunty mere upper se haate or bole aaj bahut maja aaya. Tab maine kaha aapko to maja aa gaya lekin abhi mujhe maja nahi aaya or ye kahte hue main unke upper chad gaya or unke chut me apna lund dal diya, wo kahne lagi bas karo ab or nahi main mar jaoonge, tab maine apne lips unke lips par rakh diya or jor se unke lips ko chusne laga ab wo awaaz nahi kar paa rahe thi or main jor jor se jathke lene laga tabhi maine dekha ki pooja kamare ke dawaraje ke peeche se sab kuch dekh rahe hai or apne chuhi ko apne haatho se daba rahe hai ye dekh kar main or josh me aa gaya or sunita aunty ko jor jor se chodne laga kareeb 15 minute baad main bhi halka ho gaya or halka hokar sunita aunty ke begal me hi let gaya wo apne haatho se mere hotho ko touch karte hue bole aaj bahut majaa aaya tumhra dil jab chodne ka kare to tum mere paas aa jaaye karo. Maine kaha thik hai.

Use time maine aunty se kaha ki aaj tak maine kisi laki ko nahi choda hai, kya ladki ko chodne me or jayada mazaa aata hai to wo bole kit um chinta mat karo tumhara ishaara main samjhe rahe hoon tum diwaali ke raat me karreb 12 baje ke aas paas ghar aana. Us samay tumhare uncle bhi ghar par nahi rahenge tum main tum or pooja tino ek saath chudai karenge. Ye sunkar main chok gaya. Or unse kaha ki kya aap ko kharab nahi lagega jab main aapke samne hi pooja ko chodunga to wo bole kharab kyon lagega, aakhir main bhi to dekhi ki mere bete ki chut kaise hai or jab uske chut me tumhare lund jaata hai to use kaise lagta hai. Tab maine kaha thik hai main 12 baje aa jaoonga.

Diwali ki raat ki baat main aaplogo ko baad me bataoonga. Dosto aaplogo ko mere kahani kaise lagi. Aap apna response jaroor mastram ko bataye, baat mujh tak pahuch jayegi. 

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